Photos by Christine from Wonkyeye Photography
knew from a young age that I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to be in control of when I worked and I wanted to have something that I could grow and get better at. When I was a kid I spent my Sundays with my dad driving around Cape Breton Island exploring…or “countryside driving” as my dad calls it, which is code for: Camera in hand photographing whatever came our way. Whether it was taking my own pictures, assisting my father or being in front of the camera with my sisters, photography has always had a place in my life.
Without divulging too much info about myself, I am married and I have 2 children. When I had children, I knew I would be documenting their life through my camera( yes, I remember being in the hospital and thinking to myself  ” I’ am taking pictures of every little thing”….lol).
See I grew up with my 2 sisters having a camera in our faces. It was as normal as having to put our pants on, we didn’t know any different so it wasn’t something that we noticed ( THAT came later, when we weren’t allowed to open a present on Christmas present on morning until dad had the camera ready!). I knew that I wanted to document my children’s life and that’s how I approach each session I do. I want to capture personality in addition to the poses.