Keltic Lodge family session

If you book a shoot with me, just know that you will be looking at each other alot. Like alot. I love the laughs that come with staring at each other and it also breaks up everyone looking at my camera. It is just how I do things and it also keep that causal feel to your pics. Every one always enjoys it even though they may think at first that they don’t. Just about everyone gets into it and I can actually feel any nervousness people have disappear. So just a heads up that if you book a session with me, you will be looking at people alot and you are definitely going to do that traditional walking while looking at each other. If you have no clue what I’m referring to, just have a boo at these pics and drool over this GORGEOUS family!

On a hot summer day I jaunted down to the Keltic to take pictures for the Gallina family, I’m not sure of the last name of Jane’s parents! LOL.  They were visiting from New York and Jane being the mom that she is knew that you have to take advantage of an opportunity. That opportunity being that everyone was at the same place at the same time. So she booked a session. How special to have 3 generations in one place so far away from home. I really hope that my kids want to travel with us when they are older, so special!!

Such a great time hanging out! So nice meeting you all and thank you so much for booking with me!