Baby Cree makes a family of 4

Oh my heart.

You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say it.

I want you, I want every one to place importance on getting photos done. I’m talking the kind of importance that you place on wedding photos. You wouldn’t get married and not hire a photographer right. ( well some do but you get my point) These are life’s moments. Moments that we cannot get back. Family sessions are an investment. If you hire a photographer that you love, and if you love your photos it’s such a worth while investment. I truly believe that life should be documented because that is how I grew up, with my dad documenting our lives and I get to look back and see our photos of us all togther. On our travels, at birthday parties, when my baby sister came and she was just the sweetest dark haired baby and my older sister and I were so little holding her. They are treasures and I’m so happy to have them. So if you’ve never done a session I challenge you to open your mind, save your money and invest in a photo session. You only need to do them every couple of years, I do mine every 2 years and I try to use the same photographer so the style is the same and there is a co-hesiveness in my prints that are on my walls. I think this is like my 7th session or 8th with the Keagan family? I did Walker’s pictures when he was in his momma’s belly, newborn, sitter, 1st bday, then a mommy and me session, then Cree when she was in her mommy’s belly and now her newborn pics. I LOVE that they keep coming back to me because I LOVE that I get to capture them growing!!

Anyways, enough chatting. Onto the pictures!! Thanks for coming to my studio and good luck with the big move when the time comes! xoxo